Réunionnais Spicy Boudin Noir

La Cascade Blanche, Reunion


(There are a few historical posts I’ll be rolling out in the coming months, describing some experiences that occured a while back, but that have stayed with me.  This is the first of them.)

Sadly, I have no photos of the actual food for this entry, but it was an excellent lunch on the way to hike the Cirque de Mafate, a trail on an extinct volcano on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion. 

La Cascade Blanche is set in a spectacular valley, on the road into the park.  Their take on blood sausage was excellent and I think the first spicy boudin I had ever encountered.  I wish I had asked more about it at the time, but I can only guess that the recipe, like much Réunionnais cuisine, reflects the island’s very multicultural history. Reunion’s population – and food – has roots in a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Even if you’re not planning to hike in the mountains, it’s a great day trip up the valley with a riverside boudin lunch.  

Although our trip was a few years’ back, but the restaurant is still there, and hopefully still delivering the goods! (August 2014)

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