Somehow over the last ten years I’ve become a big fan of blood sausages, black puddings boudin noir and related treats.  Having grown up in the US, I didn’t encounter blood sausages all that much, but having lived in Amsterdam for some time, I’ve found that in Europe (and other parts of world) they are much more common and accessible.  I think the first one I stumbled across was in Belgium, and my appreciation has just gone from there.  It’s a tasty thing, and it seems that eating blood sausage and other less-popular parts is one small way to be a less wasteful carnivore.

So this is a little website dedicated to celebrating an oft-overlooked delicacy, and the people who make it, with occasional guest appearances by other under-appreciated meats.

Some of the featured meals are several years old at this point, but I think still worth sharing.  Mostly the content is from 2018 however, and as I start to clear out the backlog of boudin noir stories, I aim to post much closer to the experience, and hopefully with more information from chefs and producers.

I hope you enjoy it.

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