Morcilla with cheese

Cervecería El Diario, Madrid


Madrid can get cold in the winter.  Maybe not as bad or as long as up here in northern Europe, but in December you definitely want something hearty when you stumble in after wandering around in the chill after dark.

So on a recent cold Sunday night, we were happy to find the Cervecería El Diario, in the Huertas neighborhood, which lies roughly between the Prado and the Puerta del Sol.  We were happy because:  A. a lot of restaurants are closed on Sunday nights in Madrid, and we were getting cold and hungry; and B.  because they had a very nice, filling, wintery Morcilla dish on the tapas menu.

Portions (of everything) at El Diario are large, and the morcilla plate was almost enough to be a meal by itself.  The photo doesn’t really illustrate it, but it was several times larger than the pintxo-size bite I was somehow expecting.  The morcilla was lightly seasoned, very rich, and came with potato chips and a few olives and (thankfully) just a touch of melted cheese on top.  Something this rich does not need to be cheese-topped like a pizza.  A simple dish, done well.  Something to fortify you before or after visiting those Hieronymous Bosch paintings down the hill at the Prado.  (December 2018)

Cervecería El Diario