Boudin Noir Terrine

La Cantine du Troquet – Dupleix, Paris, France


Boudin Terrine was a new (and very welcome) discovery for me at the Dupleix (15th arrondissement) branch of this collection of Parisian bistros run by Chef Christian Etchebest.  The menu is influenced by the food of South-west France, and this starter was a no-brainer to order. 

It’s great – delicious, less heavy and more delicately flavored that you’d guess by looking at it.  I’m a big fan of terrines generally, but this is the first one I’ve ever had based on boudin noir.  I look forward to encountering more.

This meal was about a year ago, (and one of the dishes that really got me thinking about launching this blog) so I can’t be certain this particular dish is still on the menu, but the rest of the meal was also excellent, so worth a visit in any case.  (January 2018).

Réunionnais Spicy Boudin Noir

La Cascade Blanche, Reunion


(There are a few historical posts I’ll be rolling out in the coming months, describing some experiences that occured a while back, but that have stayed with me.  This is the first of them.)

Sadly, I have no photos of the actual food for this entry, but it was an excellent lunch on the way to hike the Cirque de Mafate, a trail on an extinct volcano on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion. 

La Cascade Blanche is set in a spectacular valley, on the road into the park.  Their take on blood sausage was excellent and I think the first spicy boudin I had ever encountered.  I wish I had asked more about it at the time, but I can only guess that the recipe, like much Réunionnais cuisine, reflects the island’s very multicultural history. Reunion’s population – and food – has roots in a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Even if you’re not planning to hike in the mountains, it’s a great day trip up the valley with a riverside boudin lunch.  

Although our trip was a few years’ back, but the restaurant is still there, and hopefully still delivering the goods! (August 2014)