Black Pudding Scotch Eggs

Finest Fayre, London, United Kingdom


Had you told me 20 years ago that I would be so excited about Scotch Eggs + Black Pudding, fused together into a deep-fried ball of delight, I’m sure I would have given you quite the look.  But, older, wiser, and far less hung up about food, I was very excited to stumble across these beautiful things on a Sunday morning in Hackney.

The options on offer at Broadway Market make me want to have three or four lunches, because there is so much good stuff on offer.  Luckily, scotch eggs travel well,  so I was able to whisk a couple home on the Eurostar for Sunday dinner instead.

And they were perfect: flavor, texture, the whole package.  Probably for the best I can’t eat them every Sunday, but if you have the chance, please pick some up and enjoy them on my behalf.  Finest Fayre visits a number of the markets in London, check their Twitter feed to where they will be next. (March 2018)

Blood Cake + Fried Egg

St. John’s Bread & Wine, London, United Kingdom

cakeThis is a terrible photo of a beautiful thing.  Chef Fergus Henderson is famous for making delicious things out of the icky bits, and the blood cake is one of my favorites.  I try to go to St. John’s whenever I get to London, and I always order the blood cake if I can.  It is one of those deceptively simple things that is just so rich and perfect.  The recipe is in his ‘Nose to Tail Eating’ cookbook, and while I’ve never tried it at home, it does spec which breed of pig he prefers.  Maybe that’s the secret.  In any case, it’s worth a trip from wherever you are in London to one of the St. John’s outposts to try it, and anything else on the menu.  (Last visit: March 2018)